Friday, July 1, 2022

Any Given Wednesday Back Then

Did you go to work that day?
You went. And did you stay? Hm.
Maybe you did. Probably

You came in bright and early,
Spent the morning at your desk
With the door to your office

Wide open, but then you went
To lunch, a long, heavy lunch
Alone at one of the spots

With both a liquor license
And ample dessert menu,
Where you had cake or brownie

After salad, meat, and beer.
Probably then you returned
Like Melville’s Turkey, grumpy

Or in a roaring good mood.
Or you closed your door and stared
Out the window and composed.

Then you left late and drove home
Or not straight home but almost,
Pulling out somewhere to stare

Out the window at nothing,
To read or compose some more.
But you can’t recall for sure.

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