Sunday, July 24, 2022

A Narrative Template

Ginny has a choice to make
Between a couple of men,
Neither one attractive

But both attracted to her
And each with his own virtues,
As it were. The narrative

Itself, maybe, attracts her.
She’s not sure. She met them both
Through a local company

That sets up dinner parties
For singles, who can request
Follow-up contact info

From the company. Neither
Of these men were ones she’d asked
To know more about, but then,

They’d both asked after her, so
She thought she’d give them a chance.
Now she’s not sure. The young one

Is short and not that well off.
The tall one with the nice house
Is older and getting fat.

Both are well-educated,
Clean, attentive, and polite.
Both are cheerful company.

She’s not sure that she needs one,
Either one, or any man.
She’s lonesome, and she wants one.

It would be nice to have one.
A few weeks, she alternates
Dates with each of them, and feels

Like she’s fulfilling the role
She should in the narrative.
One night in the young man’s car,

He plays a song she can’t stand,
And she feels that it’s a sign.
She chooses the older man.

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