Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Career Highlight

There’s a poster on the wall
Beside the elevator
For Felicity. Keri

Russell beams out, curly haired,
From it. Some melancholy
Associated with this—

The loneliness of this year,
Maybe, that dreary lobby,
The confined circumstances,

Loss of partner, loss of car,
Loss of most adult status,
All for a return to school

Among students more the age
Of this TV character—
Would ever after adhere

To that name, Felicity.
That’s what he tells her, at least,
His first friend in this new world,

Midway-aged from him to her
On the poster, and also
Curly haired, a grad student

Radiating confidence,
With a Navy officer
For a boyfriend, a nice house

In the Avenues, and plans
To turn promising fieldwork
Into a brilliant career,

No idea yet that grad school
Itself might be the apex
Of academic success

For her, as Felicity
Was for Keri Russell’s fame.
The worst part about the past

Is how it clings to sadness
By clinging to its future.
At least, that’s what he tells her.

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