Friday, July 8, 2022

Friends Bored Him

Three couples got together
One time at a single friend’s
Apartment for a game night.

It was the 1990s.
They’d all been educated.
None of them had any kids.

They were all white and roughly
The same age, and they all worked
At the same place. In that sense,

They were friends, as is often
The case in situations
With coworkers—more or less.

Two couples cohabited.
The third pair were newlyweds.
The single friend had been so

For a few years. And what game
Did they play at his table?
For sure, it was a board game,

Something fairly popular
At the time. It might have been
Trivial Pursuit. They drank

Beer and wine, moderately.
The host put on a playlist
He’d carefully selected

To be appealing and show
Off his taste, his cleverness,
And his new CD platter,

But he felt insulted when
The newlywed husband asked
Who was singing, while adding,

They all sound the same. As if
Those seven people gathered
Around that little table,

All middle Americans
Of the same generation
With identical accents,

Didn’t sound egregiously
The same. Outside it was dark,
But everyone got home safe.

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