Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Do You Know How Your World’s Been Built?

They visited her uncle
And aunt in Mormon country
North of Salt Lake, a few days.

Career had relocated
The Alabama couple,
Decades ago, to Utah.

He’d worked as a packaging
Engineer, one of that vast
Army of unseen think-teams

Facilitating global
Industrial capital
Chains supplying trade networks.

Now he was retired. His toy
That summer was his Blu-Ray
Laser disc in the basement

That the aunt called Ralph’s Man Cave.
It wasn’t very cave-like,
Carpeted and upholstered,

With small, high garden windows
Letting in bright mountain light,
Everything tidy, no guns,

Hunting trophies, pool table,
Sports memorabilia,
Wet bar, or coolers in sight.

There was a drafting table,
A desk packed with computers
And printers, shelves of hardbacks,

Mostly on engineering,
Home-kit computer building,
Hobbies, and world history,

But the basement’s centerpiece
Was the small home theater
Where Ralph watched action movies,

Playing the most dynamic scenes
Over and over again,
In between playing his discs

Reproducing classic art
From world-famous museums,
Thrilled with how he could zoom in.

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