Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thankful for This Year

Thanksgiving was coming up.
She had just gone back to work.
She felt a bit unstable,

But she’d gladly attended
Her husband’s thesis defense
On Halloween. It was fun.

He’d done well, and she’d caught up
On some department gossip,
Plus she’d enjoyed dressing up.

Life was coming back to life.
At least she had an excuse
For avoiding holiday

Greetings and planning this year.
It was fun to drink again,
To allow herself some drinks.

It was fun to socialize
With coworkers after months
Away, alone with her thoughts,

Medications, and husband
Who’d been mostly off teaching
Or hunched at his desk, writing.

Yes. She was getting better.
It was all getting better.
It would never be as good.

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