Thursday, June 23, 2022

No One Remembers When She Agreed

He was ready to get out
Of the partnership, he said
To his wife, after dinner,

Meaning the cabinet shop.
He wanted to sell to Ted,
With whom he’d founded the shop

Fifteen years earlier. Ted
Did all the sales and zero
Woodwork and cabinetry.

That had been fine for a time,
But now he wanted to sell
Ted the business and the name,

Lock, stock, and barrel, get out
While he was still young enough
To do something with his life

More adventurous and fun
Than building custom kitchens
To the specs Ted sold someone.

And what did he have in mind?
His wife wanted to know. Well,
Buy a motor home. Travel.

See the whole country the way
His parents already had
After his father retired,

But with the kids. For the kids.
Think how educational.
Yellowstone. The Grand Canyon.

We could take them out of school.
Visit all your relatives.
A once-in-a-lifetime trip.

His wife looked out the window.
What was that look on her face?
Outside, it started to snow.

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