Thursday, July 28, 2016


I was of unknown origin.
I was the thing that would be now.
Well, Avery's dog has a friend.
That puppy goes to Avery's

Puppy's house and they got to play
Together. Avery's was brown.
Her parents' parents' dog was black.
That's the way narrative begins.

The wonder is it never ends.
Sure, it keeps ending and ending
But it never actually ends.
Nothing ends, the other wonder,

But because it's nothing it ends
Nothing else. Still we feel something
Has to end. We learn to assume,
Seeing dead birds, dead beetles, dead

Pets, the ravens tearing road kill,
Perhaps the odd dead relative,
Not too many and not too close
If we're lucky, we should infer

We will be the thing that will end.
Our souls inhabit the liar's
Paradox: this statement's untrue.
We carry on with the story

Anyway. Avery's pet dog
Had a friend. That was yesterday.
Today I have a big problem.
There's no one for me to play with.

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