Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Crying Ape

There are no tears of things, no tears of beasts,
Excepting ourselves. There's plenty
Of melancholy in the souls of animals,

Perhaps even of trees, but when it comes
To actual water works, lachrimae rerum,
We're the ones. Not only can we cry,

We cry over damn near everything.
When we were handing ourselves out
Adjectives, we ought to have thought

Of our tears, and instead of going
With the chattering ape, the upright ape,
The naked ape, have gone with the crying

Ape. Alright, given that things can stimulate
Our ducts by their pathos and passing away,
Ok, there are tears of things. But sorrow

Which we feign as well as we feel
Comes not from pictured things
But from our picturing things.

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