Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Glow

When the weather is good enough,
As in Zion it often is,
And the daylight lasts long enough

The trio gathers on the lawn
To watch the ruddy sunset glow
On the sheer face of the Watchman.

It's a good thing to remember.
It will be a good thing to keep
When memory fades or blackens.

Birds carry on loudly in spring.
From late spring to early autumn
Crickets thrum in competition.

Cars hum through town, just out of sight.
There's laughter from the restaurant
Down the block, grill smells on the breeze.

Almost always a jet, way up,
Murmurs on its way somewhere else.
The trio sits on couch or swing,

Kibitzing playfully, chatting
And snuggling or eating dinner
On an old patio table.

Every once in a while the moon
Emerges from behind the cliff
Just before or after sunset.

That's it.

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