Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Central Asian? Warlpiri?
No. Kiki. We're the weirdest
To each other, each other

The weirdest as seen by each
Other. A Japanese dream
Of a Europe compounded

Of dirigibles, street cars,
Black and white television,
Cobblestone streets and clock towers,

Scottish fishing villages
Abutting Italian hills,
Quasi-German bakeries

And thirteen-year old witches,
Black cat, broom, black dress, red bow,
Delivering packages.

None of the street signs make sense,
Not in any known language,
And yet the black cat translates

In the voice of a comic
Killed by a distraught partner,
If memory serves. Magic,

Says my five-year old daughter
Already a seasoned sage
In the dark arts of pretend.

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