Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Puddle

In this context, it signifies
That it has just rained a little,
But what could this transient thing,

This brief collection of water
Swimming with microbial lives,
Evaporating by moon-glow,

Mean? You bring your information,
Your memories to bear. Climate,
You might think to yourself, changing

Climate. Or, tonight it will cool,
Before the heat starts up again.
Or, e.e. cummings, in just spring.

But are any of those meaning
Or just more signification?
If the transient puddle seems

To glow with more than reflections,
If it seems like it’s telling you
Something you don’t already know,

Then that’s its meaning, the meaning
That you feel inherent in it,
The meaning that you brought to it.

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