Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The Book in Your Stack

How far into your day are you
Right now as you encounter this
Disembodied question composed
In an earlier time and place?

Is it a long time since you slept,
Or did you wake up just a few
Hours or even minutes ago?
Either way, some things are settled

Events, permanent history
Already for you on this day—
How you woke up, what chores you did,
Any big or small surprises—

Anything that’s happened happened,
Each newest moment forever
Now part of your adjusted past,
Now another book in your stack,

And even forgetting’s like that.
What happened was that you forgot.
You may re-remember later,
But that won’t change that you forgot,

And, if you never remember,
Which most of your moments you won’t,
Those moments go on gathering.
Events sum forever. You don’t.

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