Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Picnic Basket

Picturesque on a blanket,
Nicely stocked with blueberries,
Cherries, cream cheese, smoked salmon,

Lemonade, and sandwiches,
Perfect for when the sheriff
Arrives to investigate

A complaint about a fight,
Or a shouting match at least,
Among the scattered campers

Occupying shady sites
Up high by stream and aspens
While the heat wave bakes below.

Nothing says just a picnic,
Officer, like a basket
Of food on a checked blanket.

A picnic is signified
To everyone, including
The sheriff, who leaves to quiz

Irritable tent campers
Instead. The picnickers play
A board game on the blanket

While the day gains new meaning
From the sheriff’s small drama.
Now the picnic basket glows.

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