Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Night Is an Awfully Deep Well

Won’t anyone wager there aren’t
Any universal laws of
Nature, that somewhere in spacetime
Your local fundamentals fail?

Don’t the mathematical clues
That led to the suppositions
Of dark matter and energy
Hint maybe foundations can change?

What if nothing’s missing? It’s not
Dark matter but strong gravity
Binding galaxies together
Better than their mass would suggest.

What if it’s not dark energy
Accelerating expansion
Just a shift in expansion’s laws
Spinning things outward faster now?

Sure, some of math’s rules fit so well,
You’re reluctant to let them go.
It must be the empirical
Observations making mistakes.

But given your analogy
Of laws suggests the universe
Could be ruled as capriciously
As human societies, well. . . .

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