Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Sweet Spot Remains Ancient, Strange, and Familiar

No matter why someone writes
Anything in a language—
Any language that can be

Written, including math, code,
Allegorical visions—
What will matter to readers,

Given enough time passed by,
Is just the fact someone wrote
Anything that still exists

And still can be deciphered
By those readers. Lists of kings
And parallel accounting

In multiple scripts become
Precious regardless of skill
Or reasons for writing them.

Still, you’d rather discover
Finer, literary scripts,
Sumerian Temple Hymns,

Or Inanna and Ebih
Or ancient creation myths,
That sort of thing, in any

Surviving scrap of writing
From any given culture.
And, good heavens, if you found

Previously unknown tales
Involving motivations
Of character families,

Psychological drama,
Conflicts, heroes and villains,
Recognizably in verse—

The whole of literature
Itself would be disrupted
Accommodating the new.

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