Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Empty, Careless Universe

The Magical Negro and his sidekick
The White Savior rode out to do battle
One sunny morning in America.

They joined forces with the Yellow Peril
And Dön Tlön, the Illegal Alien,
Antiheroes good for witty banter.

Shrewd Professor Cy Sol rode alongside,
Providing self-deprecating guidance.
Scouting ahead, Chief Stoic kept silent.

Curvytail Girl served as their flag bearer,
Smiling and pouting and shaking her mane.
All rode out like gods in slo-mo tableau.

Who were they fighting? Well monsters, of course.
Supervillains like some of them had been.
Supervillains some of them would become.

That’s the excitement of heroism.
You never know who will end up allied,
Who will betray you, who’ll let down the side,

Although you can always be sure some small
Underdog in the end will save them all,
And then the Team can save the Universe,

Bury their dead, tend their wounds, celebrate,
Live on to do battle another day
While the Universe shrugs and goes its way.

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