Friday, December 30, 2022

The Specialist

You ever know someone who
Was just always out of place,
Even in their element,

Say, among others also
Looking out of place, being
Not quite out-of-place enough,

Or in a well-defined role
At which they excelled—but still
Somehow appeared out of place,

As if they were the oddest
Person to put in that role?
Samy was a lot like that.

One of those rarities who,
No matter what the part was,
Never really looked the part.

Having noted this, may we
Skip over the anecdotes
Illustrating Samy’s life,

Straight to that point on the curve
Where Samy, finally, turned
Out to fit in perfectly?

One day, when Samy was old,
The story called for a strange,
Wizened, elderly being

Capable of standing out
From any backdrop. There was
Samy, waiting in the woods.

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