Sunday, December 25, 2022

The Boring Hills

The photographer says
She doesn’t care for them.
Agreed. A good question,

Though, could be asked of them—
Why are you boring hills?
What makes you so boring

To so many humans
Who’ve been living on you
Still, for thousands of years?

The hills reply—You asked
Two questions. Typical.
Demanding that the world

Produce explanations
For your human habits
And dissatisfactions.

Boring is good for you.
You should stare stupidly
At something you think’s dull

Every day for a while.
If you’re hungry, thirsty,
And associate dull,

Scruffy hills with supplies,
How boring are we then?
Anyone truly bored

Can’t be that desperate,
And the reverse as well.
The hills slid back to bed.

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