Sunday, December 4, 2022

Defaced in Antiquity

Remember something,
Anything that’s not
Too recent. Childhood

Is acceptable.
If you’re old enough,
The best would be young

Adulthood, that time
You sat in the yard
Behind the garden

Apartment you shared
With the smart pothead
Who owned two ferrets.

On that warm evening,
The ferrets were out
Rolling in the grass.

The pothead was stoned
And explaining Wilde.
The moon was somewhere.

Nothing much happened.
You smoked a little,
Coughed, finished your beer,

Went down to your room,
Put on some music,
And started typing.

Feel how those scenes float
Unmoored from the words
You actually said.

If you ever got back
The typed words, the talk,
From a memory

Like that, you would stop
In your tracks. Be glad
When what still exists

Outside of your thoughts
Stays outside your thoughts.
It’s lost, what persists.

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