Sunday, May 1, 2022

You’ll Try Everything Eventually

In March of 2022,
Two old men who’d lived their whole lives
With the threat of nuclear war,
A war that hadn’t happened yet,
Although it could at any time,
Sat discussing apocalypse
As if it could be optional,
And not forever threatening.

One said it must be avoided,
Even at the terrible cost
Of endless, blood-soaked proxy wars,
Even letting brutes use the threat
Of annihilation to shield
Wars of criminal aggression.
Nothing’s worth starting World War III!
The other old man disagreed.

We should push them back, push them back.
And if they start it, we’ll end them.
How long we’re gonna be bullied
By every madman with the Bomb?
Overhearing this, you shuddered,
Since it hit you that the answer
To his rhetorical question
Was: until some threat’s carried out.

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