Friday, May 6, 2022

Forever and Ever

The young woman in straw hat,
Sleeveless white blouse, red print skirt
That reached her sandaled ankles,

Plus bright patchwork shoulder-bag
Led two small girls by the hand
Through the summer afternoon

Along a village side-street
In a very quiet town
Enjoying a sunny week

In a complacent era,
At least for that neighborhood.
She was walking one girl home.

The other was her daughter.
They had been playing dress-up
In an attic of costumes

And outrageous thrift-store hats
Belonging to the woman’s
Elderly neighbor, a friend,

But, for now, the girls were back
Into their own summer frocks,
Bare-headed and bare-footed,

And the trio walked and talked
About silly clothes and hats
Through shadows and warm sunlight

In a kind of perfection
Only two of them today
Claim to vaguely remember.

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