Wednesday, May 4, 2022

One Sunny Afternoon One September

She was with her best gay friend,
And not her husband, the day
She had the courage to take

The early pregnancy test.
She was sure she would be wrong.
She wanted simple comfort

When it came back negative.
Then it came back positive,
And she was elated, and

She felt terrible, given
Her friend was the first to know
And not her spouse, the father,

The man she had just married
So swiftly, three months ago,
In part since he was eager,

Unlike her ex, to have kids,
And in part since her sister,
Her only younger sister,

Had a husband and toddler,
Making her, as she confessed
Freely, envious. Now what?

She flew home from Chicago,
Having finished her work trip,
And told her husband after

He got back from his commute
That afternoon. Then she cried
And said, I wish you’d been there.

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