Thursday, May 5, 2022

Was This a Lion

Someone tells the little boy
With his left leg in traction
After rodding surgery

That March came in like a lamb
This morning, which means it will
Go out like a lion. Smile.

The boy nods, seriously.
He is a bright little boy.
He can read already. Well.

There’s no window in his room.
No one explains the proverb.
They said it was a nice day.

March came in like a lamb. March
Will go out like a lion.
Silently, he ponders this.

That lamb part he understands.
Woolly little clouds like lambs.
What’s the sky as a lion?

Roaring. Lions roar. Windy.
He’s not sure how long March is,
Exactly. Not exactly

Sure how long he’s been healing.
Surgery made things misty.
Lambs or lions aren’t misty.

He will watch. He vows he’ll watch,
Even without a window.
He’ll ask, was this a lion?

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