Sunday, March 15, 2020

Two Unknotting Problems

Alogon, Play of the Waves

Freedom’s enemies,
Effort and purpose,
Patrol to prevent
Contentment’s escape.

If you are pointless,
Then they are pointless—
They’re irrational—
They’re freed—you’ve escaped.

The irrational
Should remain unnamed,
Not for a secret—
So this can escape.

Anomos, Theater of the Air

What begins as negation
Before being posited

Feels more valuable to state,
Fits more approximately 

Phenomena without speech,
The experiences named.

Snugger than this, the not-this,
Greek terms beginning with “a,”

English words starting with “un.”
Because what is named is not

The name, and the name is not
Less than its own history,

These moments soaking in sun,
Listening to canyon winds

Tune themselves on the old grass
Already nursing new shoots,

Composing phrases in lines
With no one around except

The squawk of an unseen jay
The groan of an unseen jet—

These moments when this excess
Existence wells into names

Such as sun, canyon, winds, grass,
Continuous and alone,

Can uncover what’s less than
Uncommon, more than unknown.

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