Saturday, March 28, 2020

Notorious to Ourselves

“Humans are notorious for altering”

Among humans, the humans
Are notoriously smart,
Notoriously wicked,

Notoriously able 
To hack into a landscape
And take everything apart.

Among humans, the humans
Are notorious for art,
Notorious for belief,

Known for cooperation,
Known for imagination,
Sometimes for comic relief.

Among humans, the humans
Are known for diversity.
Every one’s a specialist!

Workers are known for working,
Except when they’re called lazy.
Poets are known for rhythms

And rhymes, except when they’re not.
Thinkers are known for their thoughts,
Except when they’re too crazy.

Rulers know ruling, except
When they’re assassinated,
Revolutionaries know

The revolution will come
When least anticipated.
And this all goes on and on,

A notorious habit
For division, division
Which is a kind of wisdom,

Proliferating visions
Overtaking Earth, which is
Ours, except when it isn’t.

Among humans, more humans
Are both needed and deadly.
Notoriously, humans

Among humans are afraid,
Yet also notorious
For telling other humans

How they began, how they should
Behave, why they all became
So notoriously them,

How all humans will end. Still,
Extinction or succession,
Notoriety must fade.

Futures eaten are futures
Made—pasts created are pasts
Replaced. Notoriously,

Among humans, it’s human
To know, to notice daily,
What humans name we erase.

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