Thursday, March 5, 2020

People Living Thin

“The new literature of minimalism is full of stressful advice.”

It’s not minimalism.
The closets aren’t decluttered.
The closets may be a mess.
You keep what little you have,
When what you have is worthless.

It’s not wisdom, or wellness,
Or shrinking carbon footprint,
Or abjuring screens, or Zen.
You breathe in, doing little.
You do what little you can.

It’s not something you attain,
This freedom from possession,
The way you wear all things thin.
You burn your boat to fuel it.
Nothing sails into this wind.

Diminishment’s not success
When coming back from the brink.
Don’t let go of that plank yet.
The ship can sink; all ships sink.
Advice goes down with the wreck.

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