Saturday, March 7, 2020

No, I Only Believe in the Truth

When someone asks you if you believe
In something, you understand them

To mean that the something in question
Is debatable and your opinion questionable.

You understand you’re being challenged
To miraculously change their minds for them

And, failing that, to join them in whatever it is
They do or don’t believe. No one ever asks

If you believe in, say, chairs—or, if they do,
You know they’re referring to the ethics

Or health of the common habit of sitting
In chairs, as opposed to some more natural

Manner of hovering near ground when not
Standing or kneeling or lying down. No one

Cares to get your opinion on the existence
Of facts they know you know exist. If, then,

You’re ever asked as to whether you believe
In God, clouds, evolution, love, or humanity,


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