Saturday, July 27, 2019

Plastic, Pig’s Knuckles, and Lead

“Philip Larkin famously proposed that what will survive of us is love. Wrong. What will survive of us is plastic, swine bones and lead-207.”

Well, that’s Larkin done.
So much for broken “Untruth”
And the historical fact

A Victorian
Restoration carved the hands
That so bemused him. 

Wrong. And what is wrong
With that far future
Seamed with its nitrogen-rich

Layer of plastic,
Intermixed with the fossil bones
Of domesticated beasts

And spent isotopes
At the end of our decay?
Any descendants around

Of us or our swine,
Or of our machines
Come, at last, to their own minds,

Seem unlikely to complain
That their ancestors 
Were too disgusting for them

To want to survive
The shock of their origins.
Call it love, if anything,
If anything’s still alive.

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