Tuesday, July 9, 2019


“So it’s a very interesting time right now.” ~Justin Khoury

Symmetry is to the truth
As time is to change—
A bewitching, regular,

Unusually useful
Subset of an actual
Slice of nothing much,

Essential to everything,
Not the whole and not nothing,
Never nearly the whole thing.

It’s not as if this tells us
Nothing worth knowing.
From seasons to water clocks,

From rotating triangles
And falling objects
To the omega minus,

Time and symmetry,
Rhythm and invariance,
What does not seem to alter

When it alteration finds,
Have been the true loves
Of pathfinding minds.

Whatever works so often,
So well, becomes a beacon
Lighting imagination,

Drawing it deeper
Into the forest
Toward that hidden cabin,

Mysteriously homey,
The welcoming windows lit
By firewood cut from the heart

Of the forest that goes on
Forever until it ends
At a drowned coast’s cliffs.

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