Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two or Three Countries Separated by Uncommon Language

"The capital's most iconic statues are now adorned with bespoke head wear created by the best British milliners."  -BBC News 

What is it about this sentence
That captivates a yank like me?
Iconic, bespoke milliners
Didn't exist where I grew up.

They don't flourish  in the language
Spoken around me in Utah,
Nor in British Columbia.
They survive in the crevices

Of books and academia,
A few anglophilic elders.
I'm not an Anglophile myself.
I doubt most Britons speak this way

Although some few bespeak their clothes,
And many know of milliners
At least as well as mad hatters,
And not all icons sit on screens.

I regress. Why do I like this
Awkward and passive-voiced sentence?
It borders on nonsensical
To someone raised American.

It's not only that it's British,
However patently it is.
It's that it comes from Wonderland's
Exquisitely drab silliness.

Imagine a grey capital
Of statues decked in goofy hats
To prove the creativity
Of a capital of statues.

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