Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Idyll

They sit on the porch at the edge of the wood,
Little and big. Little plays with a daisy,
Toy farm animals, a towel, a napkin,
A pine cone and a stick. Big plays with a phone.

The sun is getting low and angled just so
That its glow nestles in the lowest branches
Of the congregated firs, pines, and hemlocks,
A light at human height, just paces away.

Little spots the silhouette of a squirrel
Leaping branch to branch, chittering raucously.
Big spots the waxing moon on the twilight side
And hoists little up on a bench to see it.

Little points at the moon, repeating its name.
Big steadies little and watches the swallows
Thread the sky with their hunger. Little and big,
They stay that way while the sun sets.

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