Friday, July 27, 2012

Distinguished from Truth

"A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth."

There's that sunrise again,
Angling in the window
Like a smart argument

That bars our way with light
And particles dancing
To entertain our sense

That the world is truly
Beautiful, delightful,
Built for self-renewal.

There's the moon's reminder
In evening gowns of clouds
And hand-me down starlight

That whatever shimmers
Will wane and grow again
And wane and grow again.

There's that unnameable
Birdsong in the garden,
Memorably whistling

An old advertisement
For the reproduction
Of old advertisements.

Here's the rearrangement
Of obsessive rhythms.
You've read all this before.

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