Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is There Anyone Here Like Hordedef?

"Accept that death humbles us, accept that life exalts us, the house of death is for life."

Scribes have been scribbling verses
In praise of scribes and scribbling
For about as long as scribes
Have been scribbling anything,
Mostly to convince ourselves
That scribbling gives us power
Over the place of silence.

Funny that. Writing is not,
So far at least, a living
Being--the very reason
That, like fossilized footprints,
It can evade what living
Beings can't. Texts brick tiny
Pyramids for Pharaoh's scribes,

But despite what elegant
Sonnets still spell out for you,
They are no more immortal
Than wars' wordless monuments
Weathering into the sands,
Although to something alive
They hint something was alive.

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