Friday, July 5, 2024

Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Two

The real gorgeosity
Of numerology is
It’s near-perfect uselessness.

Pick any spooky number
Recurs on a calendar—
Angel, devil, or divine—

And then track it through your days.
Do days that fit the number
End up sharing anything

Striking in common, opposed
To other days? Or even,
Select by one of the odd

But recurrent properties,
Such as numbers that are prime.
Count all the days of your life.

Now, going forward, note days
That are prime numbers you live,
Say, two-two-five-six-seven.

Are your prime days notably
Different from all the others?
Can you spot a prime coming

And mutter, oh that will be
A good (bad) day, a rupture
(Or halcyon) in the waves?

Whatever number or trait,
You’ll find those days, too, are mixed,
Drunkard’s walks meandering.

Do not despair. Do not yield
To wishful denial. Look,
You’ve experienced something—

Existence is panmictic,
And if you can’t predict it
With your appeals to meaning,

Meaning is orthogonal
To happening, meaning that
You’re free to mean as you please.

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