Sunday, June 2, 2024

On Numerology

If math were magic,
That is, powerless,
It would mean it was

All lovely pattern,
Secrets and taboos,
No applications,

None matter of fact.
A small paradox,
Perhaps, due to ways

Humans want magic.
People want magic
To be powerful,

To accomplish things—
When that’s included
By definition,

Math’s the most magic
Language for magic,
Making predictions,

The one true magic.
People also want
The impossible—

Impossible things,
The impossible
As such, for itself.

That wished-for magic,
By definition,
Stays wishful thinking,

Which may include math
As pure elegance,
Chasing in circles,

No applications.
That kind of magic
Math really isn’t.

Math is and isn’t
Something named magic,
Which is and isn’t.

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