Friday, June 28, 2024


The best life to look at goes on
Like suffering as understood
By Auden’s Old Masters. That’s not

To say that it is suffering,
Only that it shares the aspect,
Seen from the human position,

Of happening in a corner,
Some untidy spot, while someone
Else is opening a window.

The best life to look at, in fact,
Could be in that very window,
Mosses growing behind the glass.

You’ve seen it, some idle moment,
Some pocket scene, macroscopic
But minuscule, tableau vivant

Of seeds and gnats, a rotting scrap
Of orange peel, something like that.
Viewed by a child or an inmate,

Another world, original
Of the concept of other world,
From fairy land to multiverse,

But not other at all, humble
Ancestor of mythologies,
Terrariums, and space stations.

The best life to look at shows
Scale invariant to challenge
Or complexity. It’s still life.

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