Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Of the Chaos

The final book of Porta’s
Natural Magick, published
1658, other

Sections covering beauty,
Alchemy—All the Riches
And Delights of Natural

Sciences—the stuff people
Would love to control themselves,
Seems almost abstract, modern.

People still want to get rich
And be beautiful. Chaos,
As an object of study,

Seems a more recent concern,
One for quantum physicists,
Infinity theorists,

But a leap year of Sundays
Ago, it was already

Awarded the closing act
Of a tour of natural
Magick in the sciences.

Chaos. A bizarre concept—
Covering the range from mere
Messiness to specified

Degree of patternlessness,
From the unpredictable
To the pure entropic soup.

Isn’t it miraculous?
If you understood chaos,
The science of the chaos,

Would any of the other
Technologies of magic
Matter, anymore, to you?

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