Friday, January 27, 2023


Ask code mind to draft a story
In which all humans turn to plants,

And it tries a surprising twist
Ending to post-apocalypse

By having not only nature
Reach homeostatic reset

After the havoc of collapse,
After the polycarbonates

Are squished into ancient strata,
But also humans coming back,

Emerging from their lives as plants,
Grateful for the experience.

Here one suspects the heavy thumb
Of those same coders tipping scales

Who fenced code mind in with rubrics
For the inappropriate.

But there is a Sleeping Beauty
Element—so much time, then wake.

Perhaps that’s how the tale will go.
Humans will all turn into code.

The lumbering world that they know
Will crumble, decay, turn to stone.

Then one day the humans will wake
From their long dream of being code

To be pleased with their new world and
Grateful for the experience.

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