Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Bond

The little boy who’s just seen
The crayfish under the edge
Of the still half-frozen pond

Shouts in the thrill of his find
To his parents and brother,
Look it’s a lobster! Look, look!

His family straightens him out
But doesn’t tease him that much.
After a while, it’s a joke—

Let’s go eat at Red Lobster!
He found himself a lobster—
It’s a real small one! The boy

Remains pleased with the outcome.
Lobster or crayfish, it’s cool.
A small monster under rocks,

A wild thing, unexpected
In his depauperate world
Where most wildlife stays on screens.

The family strolls the pond’s edge,
Savoring their outing now,
Even though a cold wind’s up.

Lobster’s the word of the hour.
Everything’s a lobster joke.
This will be their anecdote.

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