Thursday, April 14, 2022

Norm and Nat

Nat and Norm were brothers,
Possibly even twins.
They did have their own slang,

As twins do, and nicknames
For each other only
They themselves ever used.

The nicknames inverted
Their characteristics,
So that Nat called Norm Ab,

And Norm called Nat Super—
Norm being nothing much
Beyond ordinary

And Nat, likewise, being
Pretty run-of-the-mill.
Their weirdness was all in

Their bond and the mistakes
People made between them—
Also unsurprising

For look-alike siblings
Who were possibly twins.
There was one strange pattern

In how people saw them
Not typical of twins—
People often thought Norm

Was Nat, but never Nat
Was Norm. Nat was only
Confusing, in a way,

Because they were always
Expecting to find him
But finding Norm instead.

What Norm never told them
Was that there was no Nat,
No Super, only Ab.

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