Saturday, April 23, 2022

Every Day She Writes the Book

Daughter, the protagonist, directs
Papa, deuteragonist. The play

Is This Was My Childhood, Growing Up.
Another species would play to hone

The muscled instincts, but here we have
The play as domesticated pet

In the walled domicile of the game,
In which the domesticated soul

Of the playwright also lingers. Pa
Says those lines that daughter has written

Or writes these lines daughter has spoken
For the play, which is fun to play with,

Like the kitten Pa once adopted
For daughter to play with, which became

A cat with a small part in the play
Until it ran away in the play

Which everyone gets to tell themselves,
Some forms tragedy, some comedy,

Mostly inconclusive adventures.
Each version has its own dramatis

Personae, its own stage, large or small,
But the ever-changing playwright is

Always the play’s main protagonist,
In This Was My Childhood, Growing Up.

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