Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Too Cautionary

~ Taken

Way leads on to way,
Wrote the old poet
In his second-most
Famous poem. Too right.
One day a boy asked

To skip a math class.
The teacher warned him.
He skipped anyway,
A whole year. Next year,
He found math harder.

He took no more math.
As a man, he found
He wanted math and
Took evening classes.
A philosopher

Asked him why. He shrugged,
For fun. Years later
The philosopher
Wrote a reference
For him—I never

Saw anyone else
Take math just for fun.
The man ended up stuck
Trying to do math
The rest of his life.

~ Don’t Tell Anyone

Lee had a dream
In which he could
Tell stories well.
One of the tales

He’d told in dreams
Involved a bear
That hunters chased
Into the sky.

But in this dream,
He coughed up black
Blood and died once
The tale was done.

He told a friend
About the dream.
The friend laughed, then
Coughed something black.

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