Thursday, September 9, 2021

That Weightless No Place of No Time

Jonathan believed
He could circumvent
Gravity itself.

Now, this was nonsense,
As everyone knows.
Gravity is just

The way all is bent
More toward the dense.
It’s not a current

You can operate
With a gate, not force
You can push against.

You’ll float if you’re less
Dense than what’s around—
Not much, but not free.

The thing with true things,
However, is that
You can’t declare them

Out of existence.
They won’t go away.
That’s the only way

To know something’s true—
You can’t refuse it;
It refuses you.

So what could we do
When Jonathan proved
He could cut open

The world, the reverse
Of a black hole’s pull,
Then flee gravity?

Nothing. Jonathan
Before amazing
Us was Jonathan.

But gravity is
The geometry
Of space and time both.

By proving his feat,
Jonathan had gone
Where no space or time

Could follow with him,
And then there’d never
Been a Jonathan.

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