Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Second Law of Social Dynamics

Every time Carla
Touched someone, she felt
A little younger.

This began to bring
Her out of her shell.
She hugged more often.

She grew more social.
She began to glow,

Drawing compliments
On her robust health.
Soon, she found herself

Moving in wider
And wider circles,
Restless, searching out

Strangers she could give
A pat on the hand,
A pinch of the cheek.

Her friends avoided
Her more and more.
She hardly noticed,

Until the morning
In the coffee-shop
That she overheard

Two old friends talking,
Nodding their white heads.
How’d they get so old?

She was wondering,
When one of them groaned,
How you can you stand her?

I feel exhausted
Every time I talk
To her. Then she knew.

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