Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Don’t Blink

Bananas vomit. That’s not what I said,
Said Dan. I said bananas make you think

Of sickness as soon as I put the word
In my text close to them. You can’t help it.

Yes, I can, said the banana. I can
Pretend to be the one that’s sick. I can

Pretend to speak. I’m banana, damn it.
You can’t know what I mean or think you can

Without remembering strange presences
Of other meanings, ghosts within your brain.

Every word, every term is meaningless
Or is a haunting in your haunted skull.

Effects are haunted by countless causes
Haunted by countless effects. Oh, shut up,

Said Dan. You’re only my illustration,
Not a cause, a ghost, a person. I am.

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