Friday, February 26, 2021

We All Seek While We Sleep Redacted

The fog. No corners. Empty streets.
Into the night. Night into dawn.
Silence. Silence. The curvatures

Of a beading humidity.
Outline. The lintel. A map framed
Somewhere. An alley near the docks.

More silence. A click. Then nothing.
Out of the red smoke. No. Dog tired.
Not long after. Debris. Horror.

Consternation. Dust. Confusion.
Departure. A little faster.
While there’s still time. Green coals twinkling.

By the docks. Curtain. Without stars.
Curtain. Before the mask. The ticks.
Another opening. No one.

Areas of deep shadow. Mist.
Gradually. Dimly. To his eyes.
Through a horde of specks. Staccato.

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