Monday, February 22, 2021


A little kink at the center
Played out all the way to the end—
Gigantic mouthful of nothing

It’s the power of sympathy
Versus the triumph of nature
We’d like to see out our window,

Not indications or forecasts,
Not only probabilities,
Sympathy. We can hardly bring

Ourselves to keep on bringing it
For each other caught in life’s plight,
Picking out our closest teammates

And making enemies of each
Other. The world could barely bring
Itself to create us at all.

Even on this living planet,
Alive for a few billion years,
How many strategies tried first?

The cost of us, our sympathy,
Little as we have of it, begs
The question if we were worth it.

Or should we think of sympathy
As kin to that kink in the light
Near the core of a galaxy,

That little bright spot that tells us
Where the black holes eat each other
In a fury of waves and dust?

If in colossal swirls of stars
We find that kink of light diffused,
At least we know the monster left.

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