Monday, February 8, 2021

Exiled to a Distant Island

If information can be changed
Instantaneously, without
Regard to locality, thus
Discontinuously, it’s death.

Rovelli needs the assumption
Of wholly instantaneous
Change in information to build
Loop quantum gravity models

That save relations between things
Which retain their real existence
At the expense of believing
In the reality of time.

We can’t argue with that. (We can’t.)
But we’re suspicious about this
Instantaneously changing
Conception of information.

Any attempt to measure it
Introduces additional
Change, beyond the information’s,
Measurable only as time.

Why have faith in the appearance
Of discontinuity, when
Our cosmos shows no perfect gaps?
We wait on a distant island

And imagine gods in the air
That can violate all the rules
We’ve methodically observed.
No discontinuity there.

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