Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Lookout

At the lake they parked their SUVs
And got out to take pictures and chat,
A pair of couples, old friends, I’d guess.

They chatted. “Is it man-made?” One asked,
As they pulled out small dogs on leashes
And walked in circles to stretch their legs,

And continued to chat, discussing
The state of the trailhead’s pit toilets,
In which each took a turn, dog on leash

Handed over for safekeeping or,
Why not, brought on in for company.
They chatted back to their vehicles,

Loaded up the small dogs and got in.
They drove off. I heard one of them cough,
But none of them wandered close to me,

Much less breathed in my face, and the dogs
Kept calmly leashed. Unnoticed, that’s best.
So, no harm done, and I’m safe, I’d guess.

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